Why the advances of smartphone technology are driving how we engage our marketing locally.

Adpods drive
Local Area Marketing

AdPods are ideal for high street retailers

With Adpods unique broadcasting capability, your “Call to Action” along with a link to your website, landing page or Facebook page is being broadcast 24/7 to nearby Android mobile devises.

Adpods are driving your local area marketing.

The Future of Shopping – How Adpods are helping to engage

Today’s retailers need to be able to compete with online digital traders. High Street retail stores are now forced to understand how omnichannel retailing affects their business.

As the name suggests all retailers both online and in high streets, need to be able to interact with customers through countless channels such as, websites, physical stores, kiosks, direct mail and catalogs, social media, mobile devices, and more.

Adpods unique solutions such as our Wifi Nano, Wifi XS, AdPod Nano Bluetooth beacons, NFC interactive mobile Phone Charge bars and NFC interactive posters helps High Street retailer create a level playing field against the bigger shopping centres.’

Unless conventional merchants adopt technology advances and new ways to interact with customers on their terms using their devices, they are likely to be swept away.

Consumer behavior keeps changing and retailers of all sizes need to be able to keep up – Adpods affordable solutions helps make this happen.

The birth of SoLoMo Marketing

The combination of Social, Mobile, and Local Area Marketing to Drive Small Business Success

This marketing technique was defined during the rapid smartphone growth phase. Today most of use have a mobile phone and just looking around we are handcuffed to it and constantly check our devices for messages.

SoLoMo is result of the growing popularity of smartphones to check and manage social media,check emails and use google search features to seek out information.

Adpods uses Google’s Nearby technology to help businesses of all sizes drive their SoLoMo marketing campaigns.

Advances in mobile phone technology and how we are able to interact using Apps and Nearby Technology has been proven to be effective in delivering local results.

Using retail stores as an example, nearly 90 percent of people will call or visit a store after searching for it on their mobile device. Once in a store, customers will use their phones to look up products, compare prices, and read reviews

(Source http://www.coxblue.com/combining-social-mobile-and-local-solomo-to-drive-small-business-success/)

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We bring your brand to life

With advances in technology and the use of mobile devices, today, consumer is exposed to 1,000s of print and digital messages everyday.

Adpods have a solution that really makes you stand out.

Browsing customers quickly browse retail aisles looking for what is on their shopping list or offers that catch their eyes. Understanding how time poor customers shop, how do you know your in-store message is correctly targeted and relevant?

With our management team having over 30 years retail experience, AdPods have designed and created end to end POS solutions that drive your traffic to your business using our unique bluetooth beacons or wifi nano solutions and have created an interactive marketing solution with our i-Shelf range at point of purchase.

Whether your a stall holder, cafe owner, retail store, real estate agent, car yard, retail high street, shopping centre, displaying at an expo or simply need to get your message out there or our team of proximity marketing experts can help you build brand awareness and create a memorable customer experience, that includes:

  • Create a place where the customer wants to shop
  • Develop impulse buying and customer loyalty
  • More differentiation from competition
  • Increased average check
  • Increased traffic footfall
  • Drive awareness

Contact us today to learn more about how AdPods can help you on 1300 946 227 or email us at moreleads@adpods.com.au