Broadcast a 40 character message, driving customers you your custom landing page, at NO COST to nearby Android phone and tablets.

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A5 Menu holders and Mobile Charge Stations

Let's face it we are all looking for a place to sit down and have a drink, wouldn't it be even better if you could provide them with the chance to recharge their mobile devices as well?

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Why should loyalty reward programs be restricted to coffee shops?

Redeem is the world’s most advanced Customer Centric Coupon & Loyalty App Platform that gives your business the ability to create a mobile based Loyalty reward program.

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Real Estate Solutions

Innovative Real Estate solutions using Geo Fence or Proximity Marketing is changing property marketing.

There is a new competitive advantage you can deploy to drive more listings!

Thanks to Google’s Nearby technology, Bluetooth beacons like AdPods is driving greater brand awareness and creating immediate call to action.

Real Estate solutions that work even when you have clocked off for the day. As a local Real Estate Agency we know you are always out there looking for that “Edge”, that hook that draws bigger crowds, more listings, more qualified buyers and continue to create brand awareness in the local marketplace.

Let’s face it you are all using the same style websites, your own branded website is up and looking great and signs are up outside your clients properties. So what’s missing the ability to keep generating new listing and traffic to your website without significant cost.

Adpods understands that you need a unique solution and one that allows all of your team to benefit from having bluetooth beacons broadcasting:

  • New listing leads
  • Driving brand awareness
  • Positioned on vendor advertising boards to enable passers by to access property details effortlessly
  • Marketing the brand and service offer everywhere they go.

Just think of the benefits of walking down the street, going shopping, at Auctions especially your competitors and an Adpod bluetooth proximity beacon is pushing your message effortlessly in to the Android phones of prospective clients nearby to where the beacon is located!

Why AdPods drive traffic to your business

Global brands like Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble,have been utilising Bluetooth beacons to drive location specific marketing to their customers when they are close by. Shopping Centres and casinos have been placing Bluetooth Pods at their entrances to broadcast offers and calls to action as patrons enter and leave the building.

High street bars and popular restaurants have been using ADPOD’s to create awareness to their special offers and sports clubs and local RSL’s using the technology to drive membership including a link on how to sign up to make it easier for patrons to act now.

So question is how will your Real Estate Agency use this innovative technology?

If you want more ideas on how Adpods bluetooth proximity technology can drive more listings for your Real Estate Agency simply give one of our distributors in your local area a call today.


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We bring your brand to life

With advances in technology and the use of mobile devices, today, consumer is exposed to 1,000s of print and digital messages everyday.

Adpods have a solution that really makes you stand out.

Browsing customers quickly browse retail aisles looking for what is on their shopping list or offers that catch their eyes. Understanding how time poor customers shop, how do you know your in-store message is correctly targeted and relevant?

With our management team having over 30 years retail experience, AdPods have designed and created end to end POS solutions that not only drive your traffic to your stores using our unique bluetooth beacons or wifi nano solutions but also create interacting marketing with our i-Shelf range at point of purchase.

Whether your a cafe, retail store, real estate agent, car yard, retail high street, shopping centre, displaying at an expo or simply need to get your message out there or our team of proximity marketing experts will help you build brand awareness and create a memorable customer experience, that includes:

  • Create a place where the customer wants to shop
  • Develop impulse buying and customer loyalty
  • More differentiation from competition
  • Increased average check
  • Increased traffic footfall
  • Drive awareness

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