Broadcast a 40 character message, driving customers you your custom landing page, at NO COST to nearby Android phone and tablets.

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A5 Menu holders and Mobile Charge Stations

Let's face it we are all looking for a place to sit down and have a drink, wouldn't it be even better if you could provide them with the chance to recharge their mobile devices as well?

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Why should loyalty reward programs be restricted to coffee shops?

Redeem is the world’s most advanced Customer Centric Coupon & Loyalty App Platform that gives your business the ability to create a mobile based Loyalty reward program.

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Main Street Wifi Solutions

Innovative solutions that drive traffic

Main Street and High Street shopping as been dramatically affected by the emergence of Online Shopping and the development of mega shopping centres.

Customers has a reason to start coming back thanks to to AdPods unique local area marketing solutions.

NFC Smart Posters

Bring street posters and instore pos to life with our NFC smart posters.

Designed to engage with customers and enhance their shopping experience with clever interactive posters that direct them to designated landing pages.

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NFC Mobile Phone Chargers

Customer stay longer and spend more while they are charging their mobile devices.

Your cafe, restaurant, pub, medical waiting room, in fact anywhere is a great place to add a mobile charge station that will attached customers seeking to charge their phones.

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Main Street Visitor Free Wifi

Ad-Pods Remote WiFi Network Solution:

Stand out from the crowd

Unlike standard WiFi Network platforms in which advertising is predominantly applied in the form of pop ups during browsing that can be easily ignored and closed off.

Ad-Pods WiFi Network platforms provide the ability to integrate advertising content into the entire platform which creates increased advertising revenue options and increases user interaction and take up of sponsored content.

With Ad-Pods WiFi Networks we have the ability to create an unlimited number of content categories and sections for sponsored content which can be exclusively sponsored by single or multiple advertisers e.g. a local events section.

Due to entire WiFi Portal platform being custom coded, we can easily and continuously expand to include more advertiser sponsored sections and content as required as the platform grows.

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Main Street Trades App

A loyalty reward program designed for any type of business.

A loyalty reward program not restricted to cafes

Redeem is part of the Adpods proximity marketing solution and is the world’s most advanced Customer Centric Coupon & Loyalty App Platform that gives your business the ability to create a mobile based Loyalty reward program using our Redeem proprietary closed loop technology that until now only been available to the big brands.

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Instore solutions

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How, when combined AdPods creates engagement

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We bring your Street or Shopping Centre to life

With advances in technology and the use of mobile devices, today, consumer is exposed to 1,000s of print and digital messages everyday.

Adpods have a solution that really makes you stand out.

Browsing customers quickly browse retail stores looking for offers and items that catch their eyes. Understanding how time poor customers shop, how do you know your local area marketing is correctly targeted and relevant?

With our management team having over 30 years retail experience, AdPods have designed and created end to end POS solutions for retail precincts that drive your traffic and create buzz.

We install into the area a combination of our unique bluetooth beacons and free wifi solutions and combine this with a locally branded customer loyalty app to create a fully interactive local area marketing solution.

Individual stores can also opt to have our unique Adpod wifi nano ti direct customers to in store specials where our i-Shelf nano will play product information videos to really drive sales at point of purchase.

Whether your street or centre has a row of cafes, retail stores, real estate agencies, wellness practitioners or you simply just want to attract more business, our team of proximity marketing experts will help you build brand awareness and create a memorable customer experience, that can:

  • Create a place where the customer wants to shop
  • Improve buying behaviour and customer loyalty
  • Build a point of difference from the competition
  • Increased traffic footfall
  • Drive awareness to your neighbourhood
  • Build a stronger rapport with the local community

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