How proximity marketing is driving retail engagement

How main street retailers are levelling the playing field with big shopping centres?

The solution thanks to advances in mobile technology is simple, engage with them at a more personal level without spamming them with a barrage of adverts, provide them with a remarkable experience that drives them back time and again. Today’s shopper is more connected than ever before and knows how to shop smarter. They’re no longer browsing when shopping, they are focused and know what they want and how much they are prepared to pay thanks to online shopping.

As a retailer of 30 years myself, I understand that we need to provide a better experience, not only for our customers, but our community as a whole. Provide them with an experience that drives them back to our stores and filling the main streets with enthusiastic locals and tourists alike.

So what’s the solution?

We know we can host events, fire sales, end of year stock takes and local street markets, food truck days etc but how do we successfully tell our local community?

The answer, thanks to advances in proximity marketing and the “golden handcuffs” we all can’t leave home without our mobile phones and check them as soon as we wake up.

Main street retailers can now compete on a level playing field with the big centres by installing “Free Wifi” beacons that will cover the distance of the main street or shopping precinct.

Customers will be encouraged to log in using Bluetooth beacon messages or stickers on the windows of the local traders, where they are then directed to the local traders association webpage providing them with information on what is happening in the main street, events and activities that they can experience.

The website strategy is not one that is filled with specials and offers; the solution is to only promote event, activities and other ideas that bring the personality of the main street to life such as store keeper profiles.

To encourage call to action for retailers on the website, customers are encouraged to download the “FREE Main Street Traders app” where in one collective app , the community can experience all that the local businesses have on offer from loyalty cards to special offers, right there on their mobile phones.

When they visit another local participating shopping precinct, the app is clever enough, thank to geo-targeting, to offer them the rewards and offers in that location. Proximity marketing is an exciting revolution in the way small business can now engage with their local community at the cost of less than a cup of coffee a day.

Digital technology is changing how we behave, majority of us are overwhelming connected to our smartphones and rely on them to interact with the outside world. Workslocal and Adpods has created a raft of solutions that can help businesses and communities interact at a time that they are most likely to buy and most importantly, while they are nearby.

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