How McNeill Real Estate is adding value to their clients using Adpods


Selling your home?

Creating awareness about properties for sale is now even easier thanks to Adpods

Local real estate brand McNeill Real Estate is using AdPods innovative bluetooth technology to create awareness about their clients properties to nearby android mobile phone users. McNeill Real Estate are sending a link about the properties for sale along with a url link to the webpage where the phone user can view the details of the property on the market.

The easy to use nature of the AdPods control panel help McNeill Real Estate show their vendors the results of the AdPods campaign and goes a long way to helping achieve results.

The below campaign is achieving an average 22 views per day and is located on the sign board at the property. This means passerby and those stopping to look outside “Open for Inspection” times are being reached with the properties details.


How could your business benefit from our affordable local area marketing solutions?

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We bring your brand to life

With advances in technology and the use of mobile devices, today, consumer is exposed to 1,000s of print and digital messages everyday.

Adpods have a solution that really makes you stand out.

Browsing customers quickly browse retail aisles looking for what is on their shopping list or offers that catch their eyes. Understanding how time poor customers shop, how do you know your in-store message is correctly targeted and relevant?

With our management team having over 30 years retail experience, AdPods have designed and created end to end POS solutions that not only drive your traffic to your stores using our unique bluetooth beacons or wifi nano solutions but also create interacting marketing with our i-Shelf range at point of purchase.

Whether your a cafe, retail store, real estate agent, car yard, retail high street, shopping centre, displaying at an expo or simply need to get your message out there or our team of proximity marketing experts will help you build brand awareness and create a memorable customer experience, that includes:

  • Create a place where the customer wants to shop
  • Develop impulse buying and customer loyalty
  • More differentiation from competition
  • Increased average check
  • Increased traffic footfall
  • Drive awareness

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