Engage the mobile generation with low cost high impact Proximity Marketing

WorksLocal’s unique Proximity Marketing Solutions are guaranteed to launch your business into 2018 with a point of difference.

With consumers more than ever using mobile devices to conduct their daily activities it makes sense to start driving your marketing solutions in a way that captures this audience using high impact proximity marketing.

WorksLocal are the experts at proximity, nearby and local area marketing with our flagship products:

  • Mobile Bluetooth proximity beacons
  • NFC Smart posters and signage
  • Redeem our proprietary royalty reward program

By harnessing the power of Bluetooth, location and NFC technology in a revolutionary manner, we are able to create for your brand a local area marketing solution that sells products, delivers messages and directs people, instinctively.

WorksLocal are innovating engagement techniques at the frontline by revolutionising and disrupting proximity marketing resulting in the creation of unique local area marketing opportunities,

Our solutions are available in almost any format from

  • Business cards
  • Stickers
  • A6 cards to A0 posters and larger
  • To solutions for billboards, cars, caravans, mobile kiosks and more.

With proximity marketing solutions that are designed to work both indoors and our unique weatherproof solutions are perfect for outdoors. The message and URL being broadcast can be can be tailored to suit individual campaigns or information displays and in most cases reprogrammed remotely. Once your campaign has been programmed the information is secure and tamperproof from unauthorised use.

“WorksLocal helps your business deliver seamless, non intrusive and on demand marketing messages directly to your customers Smartphone’s when they are nearby.”

NFC Smart Poster and Proximity Marketing solutions can easily be changed on-site without the need for special tools.

How do WorksLocal’s Smart Posters work?

Smart Posters and Beacons use a form of radio frequency technology called NFC or near field communication, which all modern android based mobile phones have built into them and it allows for digital information to be transferred at short distances.

In English, Myki cards are based on NFC technology, so is the chip on your savings card. The NFC tags WorksLocal uses are small antennas with a microchip that stores and broadcasts your marketing message at no cost to broadcast!

WorksLocal’s Smart Posters can be programmed with almost any information that is suitable to be broadcast to a mobile devise such as;

  • Website links
  • Landing pages
  • Online shopping
  • Collecting coupons
  • Entering competitions
  • Contact us forms
  • Social Media Pages
  • Video sites
  • Email address
  • Txt messages
  • Product labelling for Safety data sheets or care instructions
  • Ticket sales
  • Sign ups
  • Loyalty programs
  • Surveys
  • Takeaway menu ordering
  • Check-in
  • Map Locations
  • Make a Phone Call
  • Send a Text Message
  • Share Products
  • Update a Social Status
  • Collect Rewards
  • Follow a Brand or Store
  • Download an app

In fact WorksLocal’s NFC and AdPod local area marketing smart technology can help you connect with your customers in ways you never thought possible.

Just think about the benefits of being able to automate your customers re-ordering process with the simple wave of the phone. Customers can get more information about a product or redeem an offer by simply tapping their phone on your marketing material!

We make it easy to be Findable, Connectable and Shareable, are you customers talking about your brand and how innovative and progressive it is?

WorksLocal’s NFC enabled signage or marketing materials initiate and drive interaction with your customers and their mobile devises.

We are at the cutting edge of transforming the role of printed signage from one-way static imagery, to a dynamic digital gateway that creates and promotes a mobile exchange with your customers.

Thanks to WorksLocal and the advances in mobile phone technology, your business is now able to strategically combine digital content with printed point of sale signage that measures engagement in a whole new way.

A modern way to engage

Traditional print signage has always been exponentially easier to engage with customers and is now even more interactive and successful thanks to NFC technology and advancement in mobile phones.

Unlike trying to scan a QR code, which requires an app to be installed, a simple touch of the customer’s phone to an NFC target is all it takes turning printed signage into a real world mobile interaction call-to-action.

Helping you to Deliver Value when your customer is nearby.

We help you to build a mobile NFC marketing solution that provides your customers with a seamless experience from print to palm.

Tracking results

Measurability and analytics are the keys to driving marketing campaign success.

Historically printed brochures and signage has been a challenge to measure effectiveness, but now thanks to WorksLocal’s affordable NFC and AdPod solutions, brands are using print and signage in a whole new way to engage customers and help them to make purchasing decisions that tracks and records its success.

Products for Printed NFC Signage

NFC Smart Poster

High quality photo paper laminated with an embedded NFC tag. You can send us your artwork to be printed and have the NFC smart beacons applied or we can help you design it.

NFC Window Decal

Perfect for engaging outdoors, our weatherproof  adhesive backed vinyl NFC smart beacons are ideal for storefront glass windows.

NFC enables Pull up banners.

The NFC enabled pull up banners are idea for creating engagement in high traffic areas.

Mobile Interactive Print

Now that it’s possible to use traditional print signage as a new digital gateway to engage customers on their mobile devises, brands must deliver value in exchange for the transaction.

Brands are now able to attach valuable mobile optimised content to their printed signage and track its effectiveness. Customers can easily be engaged by simply touching their phone to the NFC hot spot located on the advertisement and instantly be introduced to new innovative opportunities to connect.

WorksLocal’s AdPod and NFC mobile technology are making this happen by creating local area marketing solutions that are helping to lead the way brands are interact with customers and the possibilities for your brand are endless.

WorksLocal helps your business deliver seamless, non intrusive and on demand marketing messages directly to your customers Smartphone’s when they are nearby.”

Proximity marketing is designed to deliver instant marketing messages to audiences when and where they want to receive them and without the overwhelming barrage of text and email marketing messages that cause today’s consumers so much frustration.

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has led to a dramatic rise in the demand for proximity marketing strategies that draw on a ‘pull’ as opposed to ‘push’ delivery of sales and marketing announcements.

Thanks to advancement in NFC and RFID technology, smartphone owners are choosing to interact with organisations with a single swipe of their mobile device when it’s convenient and desirable to do so. This is providing forward thinking businesses to interact with their target audience with unobtrusive messages that appeal and inspire a call to action.

WorksLocal’s stable of Low cost, energy efficient, free to broadcast ADPODS and NFC hyperlocal area marketing tools are providing businesses with to opportunity to create campaigns that collects invaluable data showing the date, time and location of the request.

Adopting an effective hyperlocal marketing strategy opens up a new world of opportunity for your business and revealing insights into the demographic, location and behaviour a generation that uses mobile technology like never before.