How bluetooth proximity marketing using AdPod beacons is driving local marketing in 2017

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The dawn of proximity marketing

Providing businesses with the ability to deliver location based experiences to their customers.

Thanks to the evolution of AdPod’s Bluetooth Proximity Marketing or Geo Fencing, technology has changed the way we engage with customers at Local Area Marketing level.

Welcome to the World’s Most Exciting marketing evolution, AdPod’s Proximity Marketing.

By now we should all know our Four P’s of Marketing,”

  1. Product,
  2. Price,
  3. Promotion and
  4. Placement.

Thanks to technology, you can now engage your customers in the real world in real time through another “P”

  • Proximity – thanks to the advancement of Google Nearby technology it represents a new way to connect between businesses and customers in the lead generation and sales process. Beacons are proving crucial in helping retailers drive foot traffic to their stores, increase conversion rates and sales volume.

Now you can finally reach your customers in-store when they are ready to buy. Don’t waste money on old school marketing such as newspaper ads, letterbox mailing, expensive text messaging, and email campaigns that just bounce.

Mobile proximity marketing is all about connecting with the consumer at the right place, at the right time, with highly relevant calls to action and messages. Better still you don’t need to solicit for their email address to be able to connect with them. By harnessing the targeting power of Bluetooth, Google’s nearby technology and highly portable, relocatable and waterproof AdPod beacons, you can interact with your customers where it matters most – at their point of decision.

proximity marketing, local area marketing, workslocal, adpods, real estate marketing ideas, bluetooth marketing, beacons, bluetooth gems,

Your current offer is then broadcast effortlessly at the right time, in the right place when consumers are ready to purchase.

Targeted offers based upon proximity lead to higher conversion rates, which is the ultimate goal for all businesses. Retailers, Real Estate agencies, service businesses, start-ups, ecommerce stores, in fact businesses in general, have taken notice of how powerful Bluetooth Proximity marketing is and how it can be used to generate new leads for their businesses.

With Bluetooth proximity marketing, your personalized offers can be sent straight to customers’ mobile devices. AdPod beacons transmit the information or vouchers and ensure that your customers are able to click on the offer and redeem it on your website while they are nearby.

We all know that before our customers make their purchase decision, we must make sure our offer is irresistible and relevant. If the customer is nearby or inside your store, or at an open for inspection and thinking of buying or selling, or even looking for an ecommerce website to buy products that meet their needs, AdPod’s makes it possible to drive your message through proximity marketing sales strategies.

Local and personalized advertising using AdPods bluetooth beacons.

AdPod’s create new, exciting and lucrative opportunities for businesses just like yours to send real time and up-to-date situation dependent messages. Image the benefit when customers who are situated nearby in a café or restaurant, walk within a 100 meter radius of the AdPod proximity beacon or steps inside a store and effortlessly receives your offer broadcast straight into their phone or tablet device.

Text messages are not the only thing that can be sent, AdPod’s includes a URL link to attractive multimedia messages that send you customer to a predetermined landing page, coupon or offer and is proven to reach customers in the quickest way possible.

proximity marketing, local area marketing, workslocal, adpods, real estate marketing ideas, bluetooth marketing, beacons, bluetooth gems,

Nurturing your customers throughout the purchasing journey

Thanks to AdPod’s and Google Nearby’s proximity marketing evolution, businesses of all sizes can cost effectively maintain optimum contact with prospective customers who are nearby to where they have placed their Bluetooth beacons.

AdPod’s target prospective customers with a push message and encourage them in real time to take advantage of attractive offers, calls to action or coupons. Just think of the potential uses of an AdPod beacon in your business. How they can help you to grow, deepen your engagement with prospective customers, encourage greater loyalty and dramatically improve your customer’s overall experience of your brand.

All of these factors combined qualify making the small investment in AdPod’s Proximity Marketing an extremely cost effective local area marketing tool guaranteed to generate higher ROI marketing spend for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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