Adpods utilises Google Nearby technology

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Adpods enables you to create marketing messages that connect with prospective customers based on proximity

Thanks to Google Nearby technology, AdPods broadcasts short messages and a URL link to your prefered webpage or landing page to those within a 100 meter radius of your Adpod. It exposes simple publish and subscribe methods that rely on proximity.

Thanks to the flexability of AdPods, you can design (or we can help you to) a variety of user experiences to share messages, store offers, new property listings, concert and event tickets and more creating real-time connections between nearby smartphone and tablet devices.

AdPods Nearby Connection capability is a peer-to-peer networking API that allows apps to easily discover, connect to, and exchange data with nearby devices in real-time, regardless of network connectivity with no requirement to have an app installed.

Thanks to AdPods and Google Nearby, your marketing message will be continuously broadcasted with the notifications helping prospective customers to discover what’s around them with location-specific notifications sending them directly to your apps, social pages or website, without any prior need to have an app designed or installed.

Using AdPods Nearby Notifications, you can:

  • Drive your own app promotions
  • Send notifcations about an current catalogue or special offer
  • Open personal or business profiles in social apps.
  • Launch conversations to messaging apps such as Facebook.
  • Drive consumers to , pop up kiosks or shops, promotions, events or nearby products.
  • Help users explore online stores or digital catalogues.
  • Drive checkins, reviews online
  • and more.

Contact one of our team today to learn how AdPods can save you money on marketing at the same time increase leads to your business.