How AdPods and Proximity Marketing is driving smartphone user behaviour

Is the Iphone 10 really a game changer?

With the launch of the new Apple Iphone 10, I started thinking about how we have all become so reliant on our mobile technology to socialise and conduct our business, have you ever stopped to think about what would the impact be on our sales, leads, profitability without the continuous evolution of smartphone technology?

Here are some recent interesting stats on smartphone usage across Australia.


According to a survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2015-2016, over half of businesses who had embraced online technology and not only had a social media presence (53%) but actively used paid advertising to drive leads to their Facebook pages.

With Facebook becoming an ever crowded market place and marketers using user profiling to better target prospective customers, there is a high reliance of users of Facebook accurately completingh their profiles for targeted Facebook advertising to be cost effective and produce results that have a lead vs cost benefit.

Key indicators of business use of IT include: internet access; the use of broadband; web presence; social media presence; and internet commerce (i.e. the placing and receiving of orders via the internet).

The latest available research shows that there is a significant shift toward mobile internet usage primarily for browsing social media channels and shopping online ecommerce sites. AdPods is the perfect vehicle for business’s who are looking to drive traffic to their websites and or social media channels.

  Over 70% of those surveyed placed a high importance on their IT technology being “Mobile” compatible.

So Who’s winning the race to mobile technology market share?

United States Smartphone Operating System Rankings:

1) Androids 51.6%
2) iOS 42.6%
3) Windows 3.3%
4) BlackBerry 1.6%
5) Symbian 0.1%

United States Smartphone Manufacturer Rankings:

1) Apple 44.1%
2) Samsung 28.1%
3) LG 8.3%
4) Motorola 4.9%
5) HTC 2.4%
– Other 12.2%.

I honestly dont know who to believe, I use the “ask a man in the street” survey model and my gut feel is is still 50/50 android to apple. Apple’s new Iphone 10 will certainly grab attention while the new Google phone will certainly be a crowd pleaser especially with Google’s remote control in home features. Either way, Smartphone technology is not going to disappear and finding out ways to get your marketing message out there using smart technology such as Adpods is certainly a way to grow your leads and drive organic SEO from the increased traffic to your website.