How AdPods and Proximity marketing is changing Real Estate Agent property marketing.

Imagine if there was a secret weapon to driving traffic to opens?

Why AdPods is adding significant value to everyday marketing practises.

Every Real Estate Agency is looking for that “Edge”, that hook that draws bigger crowds, more qualified buyers and in return drives sell prices up.

The internet is filled with “Top 25, 50, 100 tips” on how to market, not only your own real estate business, but also attract more buyers to your open for inspections. Let’s start with some of the most popular.

  1. Create good business cards, this goes without saying, but some are still beige. Make sure you use one side to explain the “features and benefits” of using your brand to sell their biggest asset, their property.
  2. Sign write your car. Seriously it’s a mobile billboard, it goes wherever you do! Add an AdPod to your car and have it broadcasting to people nearby for free.
  3. Use social media, don’t post directly to facebook, add to your website first then share. It’s part of SEO. Adpods are also a great way to drive traffic straight to webpages. Better still send the link to the property page you want to feature.
  4. Video, Video, Video. It’s a rhythm. Video is where you can add personality to your business message, that “Why me” for using your business and where you can personally highlight the unique features of the properties you’re selling.
  5. Good sign boards, I think this goes without saying. Make sure you position an AdPod on the board that links to the homes webpage.
  6. Reach out to local cafes and do a joint promotion. Why not hand out fliers for a cup of coffee in return ask them to put an AdPod in their shop broadcasting to their customers. A great win/win.
  7. Add a small Facebook budget to boost your listings, then use your AdPods to drive traffic locally as there is NO cost to broadcast.
  8. Canvas the neighbourhood with fliers, make sure you take your AdPod along with you broadcasting your services and properties your have for sale.
  9. Design a competition, use your AdPod to encourage people to enter and use a crm like AutopilotHQ to create a lean generation follow up.
  10. Write a blog on how to add valve to your property and use your AdPod to spread the message.

This is just a short list of things you can do with AdPods, How many new things can you think of that Adpods will help you drive more leads, create greater brand awareness, and sell more properties at a higher value?

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