Why AdPods

How AdPods drive traffic to your business

Around the world brands like Coca Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Levi’s and Kraft have been utilising hyperlocal marketing to send push notifications seamlessly. Thanks to advancements in technology and new capabilities in Android mobile devises, hyperlocal marketing is a reality for small business.

Shopping Centres and casinos are taking advantage of hyperlocal marketing by placing Bluetooth Pods at the entrances to engage customers as they enter and exit the building.

Bars and restaurant are using POD’s to promote daily offers and sports clubs and local RSL’s using the technology to message patrons who enter, to promote the benefits of becoming a member with a link to instructions on how to sign up.

Today, we are witnessing the rapid growth in Bluetooth technology being used by businesses of all sizes that until the recent launch of Google’s Nearby, could not access the technology at an affordable price.

Proximity Marketing has tremendous lead generating and revenue-producing potential for:

  • Charities,
  • Clubs and conference venues
  • Real estate agents,
  • Insurance or finance brokers
  • Shops and shopping centres
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Hotels and casinos
  • Tourist hot spots and theatre venues.

Who are looking to broaden their connection with prospective customers who are in the immediate vicinity, at a time when they are most likely to buy and in a timely cost effective manner.

Adpods are measurable

Every month you will receive a report on detailing how many times you AdPod message was viewed and how many clicks your message received to your nominated landing page or website.

Given their measurability and flexibility, AdPod’s have demonstrated their ability to significantly improving the customer experience.

Our experienced team of marketers at WorksLocal help you to launch and manage your Bluetooth Pods hyperlocal marketing campaign, for a low fixed monthly fee.

Like any marketing campaign, your local area marketing strategy needs planning, tweaking to get the best results that are in line with your business’s goals.

How will you use your Adpods to drive leads?

Start optimizing your local area marketing today.

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