NFC Smart Posters

Bring your marketing to life with NFC Smart Posters

NFC Smart Posters are the next generation of poster, it still has the visual impact of a traditional poster that showcases your promotion but it also has an enhanced interactivity which connects the physical world to the virtual world.

It does this by using new technology to allow a prospective customer with to access information immediately on their smartphone over the internet.

Why traditional posters are as effective.

A traditional poster only gives a visual promotion for either an offer a phone number or a web address. This then requires the customer to either remember the offer and go in store to redeem it or get their phone out and physically input and store the phone number or web address.

In today’s busy world consumers are constantly being bombarded with multiple offers that simply dont engage their interest and traditional posters have NO measurability as to their effectiveness.

We have made it simpler for the end user to access your offers and content on the move with the introduction of our NFC smart posters.

potential customers simply touch their nfc enabled phone (all recent mobile phones have NFC capability) against the poster and they are instantly redirected to your advertising content.

This can be anything from getting the user tonfc smart posters

  • Go to your website
  • Visit a landing page
  • View a product they can purchase
  • Like a facebook page
  • Send customers to your Facebook business page
  • Opt in for more information
  • Download an app
  • Download a coupon
  • Download a video
  • Tap to call (store your number)
  • Join your loyalty program and much more



Suddenly your posters are no longer just a visual offer, by bringing posters to life using NFC technology allows you to gain repeat business, customer loyalty and even instant sales! NFC Smart Posters have all the benefits of the traditional poster but are dramatically enhanced allow you to offer much more.

**Support NFC Devices are Android, Blackberry, Windows NFC enabled smartphones and tablets**

How to Buy Your NFC Smart Poster

We have 2 options for you to be able to purchase an NFC Smart Poster for your business.

1. Your Own Design Posters

If you already have your own posters designed, simply send it to us and we can transform it into a NFC Smart Poster.

2. In House Created Posters

If you need a poster made from scratch, we have an experienced in house design team who can create an end to end campaign for you.

If you would like to ask a question about having a NFC Smart Poster made for your business please fill in the contact form below and one of our team will contact you shortly to discuss your needs.

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