How bluetooth proximity marketing using AdPod beacons is driving local marketing in 2017

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The dawn of proximity marketing Providing businesses with the ability to deliver location based experiences to their customers. Thanks to the evolution of AdPod’s Bluetooth Proximity Marketing or Geo Fencing, technology has changed the way we engage with customers at Local Area Marketing level. Welcome to the World's Most Exciting marketing evolution, AdPod’s Proximity Marketing. By now we should all know our Four P’s of Marketing,” Product, Price, Promotion and Placement. Thanks to technology, you can now engage your customers in the...

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The shocking truth about Adpods and why Facebook and Google dont like them.

What is an Ad-Pod? Ad-pods are a small waterproof beacon about 2 inches square and 1/2 inch high in the old measurement, inside is a piece of technology that broadcasts to android and ios enabled smartphones and tablets withun a 100 meter radius, using Google Nearby software a short message once clicked takes the viewer to a nominated url. Google Nearby is also known as proximity marketing, or hyperlocal marketing. Whew what technical jibberish. In english it's a small plastic...

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AdPod’s have finally arrived in Australia

AdPods - The Innovative local area marketing solution Now you can start sending eco-friendly paperless adverts to over 2000 different makes and models of mobile phone. AdPod's™ are an extremely versatile local area marketing solution for businesses of all sizes. Perfect for use in static locations such as shop windows, bus shelters and point of sale stands. Not forgetting perfect for driving traffic by being worn by roving promotional staff in the high street or at exhibitions and events. AdPod’s...

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AdPods 21st technology local area marketing

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AdPods low effort means of driving leads for your business. Introducing the dawn of omni-channel marketing where the consumer is exposed to multiple marketing touch points in real time. Proximity Marketing has tremendous lead generating and revenue-producing potential for: Charities, Clubs and conference venues, Real estate agents, Insurance or finance brokers, Shops and shopping centres Cafes and restaurants Hotels and casinos Tourist hot spots and theatre venues. Who are looking to broaden their connection with prospective customers who are in...

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