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AdPod’s – Affordable Hyperlocal marketing

Adpods now availble in Australia and New Zealand, are the worlds no1 Proximity Bluetooth Local Area Marketing tool for all businesses who are serious about getting found and driving leads. AdPods are specialy designed to drive smartphone, electronic and mobile marketing, wireless marketing throught the use of interactive advertising.

AdPods brings a new dimension to instore and outdoor local area marketing that helps you close the gap between customers and your business. The result is the creation of an affordable and sustainable hyperlocal lead generation process.

Non invasive Local Area Engagement.

The AdPod is a Wireless Bluetooth Broadcasting device that is ultra light weight, portable, battery operated and waterproof. AdPod enables you to send out notification messages and website URL’s to Bluetooth enabled Android & IOS devices within a 100m send radius. (Chrome App required for IOS devices).

AdPods can be set up in strategic locations or carried on you, wirelessly transmitting pre programmed short messages that link to a designated website and are 100% measurable.

Utilising “Google’s Nearby” technology to create an ultra targeted marketing channel, AdPods automatically send out your message to the mobile phone of consumers when they are most likely to buy and is 100% compliant with current Spam Laws.


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